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Fairytales and pop culture collide in the way you would expect from Todrick Hall. The characters are rooted in iconic folklore but they wear contemporary sensibilities.


These hybrids can be played by performers of many ages, body types, races, and long as they are played with heart. 


The coolest combination of classic music genres: rock 'n' roll, dance, rhythm and blues, pop, reggae, gospel, and hip hop.


These songs are full of catchy choruses, clever word play, and contemporary production that lovingly pays tribute to the showtunes of Broadway's great Golden Age, but with swag.


Tracks for the musical numbers have been fully orchestrated by Todrick and his Los Angeles producers, the same team behind his solo albums.


Alternatively, we will provide a piano/conductor score should you prefer to perform the songs that way.   

When I was a teenager, I decided to rent out the auditorium of my high school for a weekend and self-produce The Wizard of Oz. I auditioned a group of my peers and immediately started recreating my favorite 1939 movie on stage for my friends and family in Arlington Texas. My theatre teachers, who were preparing the high school's annual musical, did not take kindly to me going against the system and ultimately competing with them, so they called the licensing company who in-turn sent 16-year-old Todrick a cease and desist letter.


Devastation doesn't even begin to describe the feelings I felt in that moment. I thought it was the cruelest thing any theatre teacher could do to a student who was so inspired by theatre. The worst part was having to tell my excited cast that our production was canceled.

But, being the fighter that I am, I went to the Internet and found a loophole. The Wizard of Oz was in public domain, meaning if I wrote my own script and songs, I could perform it without violating copyrights.


I went home and wrote my very first song, "Someday," and from there I created my own version of Oz with modern songs, pop-culture references, cool beats, and current comedy.


Those teachers might have been trying to knock the wind out of my sails but they actually sparked a fire in me that ultimately lead to the YouTube channel that launched my career.

Over twenty years later, I am releasing three of my original shows: Cinderella Rock, U.G.L.Y., and OZ the musical,  for license to professional and amateur companies around the world. These shows are so much fun for performers and audiences alike. I hope you will consider producing a Todrick Hall Musical at your theatre, school, or organization so that you may also inspire more people like us.


                                                                                                             All the best, and don't forget to dream!


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